Imagine: you live on a sunny tropical island. Suddenly you notice that the palm trees around you, that are usually happy, are sad. You would probably try to find out what happened to them. This is exactly what Trompadu does. He is shocked when he discovers that there is a bunch of greedy oil pumps on the island. They are pumping so much of the dirty broth into the environment, that the palm trees can’t take it anymore. For the small jungle defender Trompadu® it is clear, that the oil pumps must be stopped, before it is too late for the palm trees. Can you help Trompadu save them?

See Trompadu


Cross Media

Read the book of Trompadu and explore it through AR to get hints for the Game.
Get a print out of Trompadu to play with him in real time.


Let Trompadu Island appear and find out How to help Trompadu.

motion stick controls

Move around with Trompadu on the island to save the planet.

fluid animation of the character

Watch the palm trees get happy again as you give them fresh air.
Be aware of the oil pumps: their oil is not good for you.

attractive game environment

Learn about nature as you explore the environment with Trompadu



Challenges you to help Trompadu save the planet.

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